By giving to the Opera de Québec, you contribute to the development and sustainability of lyrical arts.


The Opéra de Québec is a non-profit organization which presents international opera productions, contributing to the quality of life in the Quebec City region that demonstrates a remarkable cultural vitality. In August 2011, the Festival d’opéra de Québec, first such event to be held in a Canadian city, saw the day and ended with a perfect score, giving the artisans of this major festival printing accomplishment. Grégoire Legendre and his team have proven that this kind of event, which will become over the years a must for lyrical art lovers around the world.

To ensure its development and conduct all its projects in the future, the Opéra de Québec has laid the foundations of a calling campaign of permanent funds to the general public. As a lover of opera and faithful, you already have, in one way or another, on different occasions expressed your interest and support for its achievements.

If you want to start or continue to support your house of Opera, you can do by making a donation. Know that your gift is a direct contribution to the maintenance of the highest artistic standards we strive to maintain the largest public appreciation and influence of Québec on the national and international opera scene.

The Quebec Opera thank you for expressing your interest through your membership, your participation in its activities benefit, your cooperation and financial support.

In recognition of your donation, your name or your company name will appear in our honor roll. (A receipt for tax purposes will be issued).

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